My Recommended Best Ebooks

If you guys don’t have a Kindle yet you are missing out! I travel with one as carrying books weigh down my suitcase and I don’t like paying for extra baggage allowance 😉

Essential Travel item to include in my suitcase travel guide. What a man needs to travel successfully in other countries…


I consider this to be one of the ultimate items you will need if you are brand new to travelling. If you do not know which country you want to visit as yet, you can browse the pages soak up the information and run your hands over the beautiful glossy images…..

You can get high just from looking and imagining your future Adventures to come…..

Lonely Planet Latin American Spanish Phrasebook

 Wow this little book that you can fit in your pocket has saved my life. Literally. As you can imagine sometimes you can get into sticky situations in other countries, so knowing a few phrases and words can mean the difference between life and death….
***Essential for anyone staying longer than 2 weeks and planning on leaving Vacation/ Holiday Resorts***


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