Best lightweight luggage for international travel


International Travel can be stressful! We all know this, but what can be done about it?

So to go over our allowance at check-in and have to pay or even leave items at the airport is a nightmare! How do I get around all this stress as a seasoned International Traveler?

I like to travel light when I visit other countries. So with this in mind, what is the best LIGHTWEIGHT luggage for travelling Internationally?


ANSWER: The Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside Spinner 29









My Samsonite Silhouette Review

Its a bit of a mouthful of a name but that’s its only downside!

In my opinion as an experienced Traveler here are my best ideas to keep in mind

  • You want to not have to pay a lot of money for exceeding allowance
  • Make sure you really plan before you travel
  • Take as much on the plane with you ITS FREE!
  • All airlines have different policies so CHECK before you fly. DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT AT THE AIRPORT!
  • Choose a fabric Suitcase/Luggage option. THIS REDUCES WEIGHT DRAMATICALLY



Samsonite suitcase sale?

Samsonite light luggage
It even comes with a good quality lock


So, its with all this in mind that the Samsonite suitcase is here to save the day. I have used this for luggage almost 4 years non-stop and it has never failed me.

It has a fabric soft exterior but don’t let that put you off. HERE’S A SEASONED TRAVELER SECRET – WEIGHT IS YOUR ENEMY!

I have owned “Hard” Luggage suitcases cases in the past but this fact hasn’t spared me from dents and damage to items inside. Hard cases such as Aluminium gave me a false sense of security in fact. I assumed all my items would be protected.






Most were when I did use one of the expensive brands but the case itself got damaged! Not something I bargained for at all! These heavy “durable” cases are some of the most expensive on the market too! Here is the official definition from google. ABS and polycarbonate, which are both lightweight and durable. ABS is the lightest, but polycarbonate is more durable. The most durable, but also the heaviest, is aluminum. Ok……

So that means the most EXPENSIVE luggage is the worst performing? Seems so… I also bought mine with a Samsonite suitcase sale. This happens every now and then on Amazon which is where I bought mine.



All ready for my next trip! Plenty of space inside too!


I hope this mini Review of the Samsonite Silhouette helped some of you guys who are ready to take the plunge with International flights; even seasoned fliers like myself I hope learned something too. As you Americans say “Thats my 2 cents”

I love this case though! So I will keep using it and when it does finally wear out (its seems YEARS off from doing that) I will buy the same lightweight luggage again! Its that good. Almost 4 years on and its a must-have item.

ONLY downside is the visual look in my mind… Its quite a plain black looking case. So I had to put a sticker on mine so I didn’t pick up the wrong case at the luggage carousel!

Haha just a minor point but I thought I had to mention it as part of this honest review of my experiences.

I hope you guys keep safe on your travels and enjoy the rest of my site.

Thank you



Tubeman777 signing off 

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