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best country for single men girls



So you want out of the West with our terrible women? What is the best country to make us feel like MEN again….?

Well guys from the photo it might be obvious…. I found myself as a single guy falling in love literally in Colombia. (If you don’t know your world flags she is holding up the Colombian flag) 😉

Heres a pro tip for free… NEVER spell their country Columbia! ! The women hate that and one of my buddies fell victim to that on a date… the date dint go well after that so he didn’t get any you know …. 


You can find out more about my adventures in Colombia here. I discovered I was a beast but thats what latinas can do to you. Turn a mild mannered Brit into a sex hungry drooling sex hound! haha

It was fun letting go and having my desires satisfied I can tell you… So how did I go about finding the hottest women on the planet as a single guy? Tinder? NO. Match? HELL NO!

One website took care of everything when meeting Colombian girls…..  LATINAMERICANCUPID

condoms packed

I took a one month membership. (Its all I needed)  but I was searching every night hunting sown the best hotties. Don’t be put off by your friends or co-workers putting you down. Best advice to to keep quiet about it and just do it yourself. I didn’t tell anyone. Friends or family because I KNEW someone would try to sabotage or laugh at my plans. With the current state of our western women there is no serious decision anyway. Its a no-brainer. I booked my ticket, learned some Spanish from listening to Pimsleur on my smart phone, packed some condoms and was on my way… Easy

Anyway I digress, if you are interested in my story click here for my Colombian rampage.




But if she isn’t for you (latinas can be fiery sometimes) then I also recommend Asia. THAILAND AND PHILIPPINES especially


I am a Romantic at Heart! LOL









colombian internal flight
This was one of the small planes. Short Haul connection. Most Internal planes are bigger

I don’t bullshit you guys, I have walked the walk and know what I am talking about. Colombia is an untapped pussy paradise, any man who has red-blood in his veins would be crazy not to try it at least once…

I made a video for guys checking out Medellin in particular. The beauty there is sensational! Average looking guys walking with Victoria Secret Models….UNREAL.

I am not a rich guy so I can confirm the women here are not interested in your money either.




Colombian travel map
Its a BIG country. But SAFE


Travelling around the country Is also pretty easy. With internal flights very cheap and safe. They are modern aircraft and the service is to our U.S and European standards! I was very surprised and happy with this!

Guys if you have any questions leave comments below and I will get back to you…


I recommend Medellin for single guys only if you have money to spend. The women there expect paying for everything. There are professional Models that date as a Full-time job. Crazy, I ran in to one of them by mistake thinking she was a genuine woman. Big mistake. Just a whore looking for a guy to pay for a meal. Of course I told her to get lost once I realised. Medellin is not my cup of Tea. You can see what a fellow Traveler the Naughty Nomad thinks here.






  • PHILIPPINES AFTER that if your Spanish is on point (Basic is good enough) then take the plunge into Latin America.




colombian dating girl
ONE of my Colombian girls from LatinAmericanCupid

NOTE *You can put on the training wheels and hit up the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Especially for you U.S guys) since its very close to you. Get a cheap connecting flight from Florida and you’re golden.

I met an American who flew that route a lot (he loved their big booties) hahaha

You see you yanks are lucky you have it easier than us Europeans!

OK guys I will update this more in future. This is the bare bones of my guide to travelling as a single guy looking for women in other countries.

 Hasta La Vista Western Women


Take it easy out there! But have fun!




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