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Are Modern Western Women WMDs?

KABOOOOM!!! As they used to say I dropped “da bomb” on that one. I know I am preaching to the converted here on my blog but to the odd stragglers I manage to enlighten heres the thing. Dating in the west is dead and so is any prospect of finding something decent to marry. Even dealing with radioactive womanist behaviours and disrespect will leave you seriously sick to the pit of your stomach.

You guys know the remedy I preach; for those that don’t listen up. TRAVEL!

It got so bad and extreme in the west that it almost doesn’t matter where you go to. Apart from war zones I think at this point almost anywhere is good to go.

These WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) are very visible, no hiding these anywhere. One of the main problems is indeed the “mass” of these people, the bad attitudes and lack of life skills (cooking cleaning etc) is another matter.

Old-Skool Ripley would agree things are bad bad…….

Modern Western women are not even good enough for Boom Boom like in they are in Thailand. STDs are rampant in the West. So strap up guys in more ways than one and book your plane tickets.

Tubeman 777

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