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My Journey (Struggle)

haven for men travel testoteroneWho am I? Here’s just a little to get you started…… Teacher, Traveler, Poker player, Writer, Gamer, Biker and Adventurer. A proud member of the Xennial Generation

I aint no Millenial snowflake thank whatever God is out there….​ I digress….

I will let you guys know all about myself in my blog posts in due time….



A UK native born and bred but with an international heart and passion for Travel adventure that will never burn out… I welcome you….


A lot has changed in my life: I almost didn’t make it this far alive….

Travel has always been a part of my life and I believe always will be. It has made me into the man I am today. I think there’s a lot in the old myths and stories of our past. Adventurers went out into the world and conquered their fears and found their passions. In our modern world many young men don’t have this path open to them anymore which I find almost a “Sin”.

Tubeman777 Teenager
Me as a Lost Teenager (With a Mustache)

The story of my life is complicated and I have what I believe to be a unique perspective and knowledge because of my experiences. I knew deep down I would, you see we are not alone and I realized even in my deepest despair that none of us are. We are human beings and we experience this life with others

My teenage years were a personal hell. No game, no girls and no life. Almost brought me to my knees. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy….

Let me elaborate and make more sense, as I stated in my summary above I am part of a special generation. Alot of others I have reached out to and realised we are a movement and not isolated individuals.

Other notable Xennials and guys I highly recommend you checkout are Milo Yiannopoulos, Roosh V, Harald Baldr and others have all been forged by similar forces in our present day and age.

I want to share all my journeys with my fellow Modern Men. We can ALL change for the better. Become the Male Heroes our ancestors were.

​It took me many years to bust free of all the bullshit, swallow the “Red Pill” (I was 17 years old when The Matrix released) before it became an internet term for awoken and aware of whats going on. 


Riding through Asia on bike


This was me a few years later taking action and breaking free of PTSD. I went on a motorbike Journey around Asia on a Yamaha. On one of the most dangerous high fatality roads.

I survived but it was crazy….


Its been a hell of a ride….moving past difficulties THEN finally enjoying life…


cheetah tubemanWe are here for a reason, exactly the same reason you are reading this now. Destiny. So Believe and…

Enjoy my site, my musings and I hope I bring value to you and you realise we are all in this together.



Thankyou for reading about me and I welcome you to share my continued Journey.

I post regularly and to keep yourself updated to my latest adventures and blog posts click the pop up before you leave this humble abode.