A New Western World of Weaklings, Women and Weirdos

weak western leaders 2021

Welcome to the West in 2021. Each epoch of time has its zeitgeist. From our so called leaders that we “elect” I believe are a reflection of the current times in history we live in. They are a gauge of sorts to the social and political times we are experiencing as a collective of human minds on this planet. Its true we are living through difficult and tumultuous times, disruptive ideas and technology are causing huge unrest all over the world. There’s now an authoritarian ugliness rearing its head everywhere too; now very obvious from the formerly “most free” status countries such as Australia. Shameful stuff, or they would have been to previous generations. But that’s the large part of the problem, we have not “passed the torch of freedom” properly as it were. This new generation are are shadow of past ones, the Greatest Generation from WW2 that fought tyranny and bled for us to give us a long lasting stability and peace.

We have not appreciated the literal sacrifices made by men and women from the past. So here we are, a generation in the west of bloated, degenerate weaklings. We get what we deserve in a way.

Oh but theres more humiliating pain for us on the way..

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