A Decadent West: No Culture for Old School Men

I believe one of the most overlooked tragedies for our Western culture is the treatment of masculine men in the 21st Century. The past 10 years in particular has been devastating for the self-esteem and status of men. Females have been intentionally trained/indoctrinated into not respecting men but also as harmful has been the lack of role-models for young boys.

I do not write this frivolously; I have had and documented my own experiences of this transformation as a traditional masculine man living in the UK sector of the Western World. We men are deep down simple beings, feed us, respect us and drain us of our sexual energy and we are satisfied. This seems to be too much for the Post-Modern Western World.

Now you guys who are frequent visitors to my blog and have watched my YouTube videos will have a gist of what the solutions I suggest we take are. Travel is top of the list and the foundation of the solution to all this.

Behaviour in the newest Generation of young men and women is “off” in the West.

Men below the age of 25 to be clear; I put this down to lack of fathers in the home and being brought up by single mothers and in a culture that is gynocentric and radically feminist. The school system is crawling and infiltrated with marxist clueless radicals; I saw them enter the education sector with my own eyes and ears working as a teacher before I left in disgust. I knew the writing was on the wall. Have you watched the (msm) mainstream media lately? Its grotesque and full of propaganda that is genuinely 1984 esque.

Decrease in Social Skills after the Effects of Lockdown and Social Media

I can only speak for what has happened in London especially as this is my normal place of residence when not travelling. Young “Males”, (which I intentionally am not writing “Men” as they are not behaving as such) have become effeminate and weak. There its as simple as that. They also lack what young men have overseas in other cultures which I have lived in. They have no sense of honour. Its seems a weird thing to say in this 21st century we live in but I believe its an essential ingredient needed in becoming a man.

Self-respect and honour are a corner stone in becoming a complete stable and productive man. Without it thing will start going off the rails. Young females and males in the West have been conditioned into a Marxist view of the world where we are “all the same” that includes social interactions. There is virtually no respect for men who have more experience and wisdom and I belief they know it all.

Without Men as Role models our society is going to pot. Is it Planned?

Now don’t get me wrong I thought I knew everything as a young man myself, but I had some humility and empathy to finally work it out myself and defer to more experienced older men. This seems to be missing from the younger Gen Z. I attribute this to a couple of factors, there aforementioned propaganda and also the new tech of social media. The strong whiff of narcissism and arrogance is unmistakable when interacting with these people. Peoples boundaries in general have become much weaker and more fluid – not just gender fluid…..

However I am a man of solutions, so what do I recommend as your Doctor of Travel?

Get your passport and book a flight out of the West. Time is ticking on the decadent timebomb that is the Western World.

Tubeman 777

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