FU Banksters – Your days are Numbered!


I honestly believe in years to come the crimes of these people will be exposed for the parasites they truly are…
They aren’t even real capitalists – “Crapitalism” is a term that suits them better. They go cap in hand to Government which makes they “Corporate Welfare/Benefits” and if they don’t get what they want they have a tantrum and crash the world economy. FU arseholes! Normal people want to get on with their lives and you have fucked people up and they are PISSED about it…
Its going to be soooo sweet when they get whats coming to them – and they will, I believe karma is a very real thing in this world and if you do evil you will recieve at least double back or even better compounded.

They thought they got away with it in 2008 then the occupy movement faild to really impact these bastards. The only way they feel pain is in their wallets. They have big egos linked to their bank accounts and their audacity is outrageous. They will literally “die existentially” when they become obsolete and extinct!
So my advice to you guys is go independent and say fuck you to the system its just a way for these scum to feed off you through the Government who force you to pay taxes to feed these animals.
So is there hope? What can we do?
Hope has a new name……BITCOIN

Yeah the normal educated man or woman has a chance now to byass the medieval crooks and exchange money virtually for free and its only going to get better.
I recommend you guys invest in Bitcoin and other “Alt currencies” look into it do your research and buy low like I have. The easiest way is to use a provider like COINBASE. The banksters days are numbered and they have already shit their pants knowing full well the trough will disappear. So again FUCK YOU and good riddance!
Tubeman 777 out
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