Essential things to pack for travelling

what to take with you travelling that is essential

Damn where did my toothbrush go? Well that’s not me in the photo thankfully….

I thought it was about time I told you guys what I pack for a long-term Travel Tour. Now, I consider myself “Location Independent” which means I don’t consider myself a short-term Tourist. I can live anywhere for any length of time. So with that in mind I have had to really think about what to bring with me…..



(But not for outside walking around like a dumb typical Tourist. These are for indoors only.

Cheap camera for packing travel



(Why? because its better to film using a $50 cheap GoPro Knock-off than your $1000 Smart Phone!)








(Wear this UNDERNEATH your clothing. I also recommend bringing a cheap fake wallet for dangerous high crime locations)

money belt travel essential

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