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Decadence and Decline – Barbarian Invasion 2.0

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Barbarians at our gates and our culture is in a state of cultural Civil war….
The Romans if they were still around I bet would tell us the writing is is on the wall for us. You see the Romans knew a thing or two about having to deal with cultures that would NOT assimilate and respect the law of the Romans. These cultures eventually defeated Rome from the INSIDE…
Massacres, Tribal loyalities, non-participation and constant war and migration and resentment. Sound like our modern 21st Century world? Nope.
This was 5th Century Rome.
Vandals, Goths, Saxons, German tribes and of course the Huns…..
These barbarians were Christians too.
Can you imagine the chaos if they weren’t Christians?
  • Lazy and Uninterested native populace

  • Entitlement and Deluded psychosis of Women

  • Self Indulgent narcissism

  • Subverted Culture and destroyed ethics

  • Gynocentrism and female obsessed culture – To the ridicule of Men

  • Fascination with Freaks and putting them on pedestals

  • Clamping down on free speech (Internet especially)


 So yeah… I dont know how long this blog will be able to stay up on the internet before people who are expressing their free speech are banned outright.
Also its our own fault electing corrupt Governments who use the military in useless foreign interventions which are constantly attacking and “using” the barbarians (and failing) just like the Romans tried to do.


The Goths barbarians in particular in wars fighting Romes’ enemies. Reality check Elites – It doesn’t work and the barbarians ended up hating the Romans……..Fatally unfortunately for the good old Romans.

Another hallmark of social collapse is the Transgender phenomenon. It is basically a sign we have lost our way and belief in our society. Now some parts of the west will be more resilient than others…. UK and USA? Its already gone past salvageable in my and many others opinion! Other parts mostly the Latin countries of which I have travelled extensively are more family oriented and have resisted the degeneracy mostly.
As a man who has traveled and seen other cultures, it shocks and saddens me to see how far my own culture is broken in comparison. Many guys my own age are giving up and getting out of the West.
Very Important talk with two old fashioned Feminist strong women. They can see “the writing on the wall” too







We ignore history at our peril….





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