ugly english girls

Ugly English Women

There’s something in the air… or I should say the gene pool… and it ain’t looking good… Guys we live in the era of International Travel flights and freedom. There absolutely no FUCKING EXCUSE. You just have yourselves to blame for laziness. But I know… you haven’t taken the red-pill yet. Its scary and not for the faint-hearted. A mixture…

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womens role in social media
Feminism SJW

Women’s role in social media

So it was meant to empower a whole generation of women. What has social media in reality done for women? Is it only the deluded feminists can think its been a positive thing for women?   Women on a Pedestal Deluded women who are average 5/10 at best thinking they are Supermodel 10/10 Attention by any means necesaary Public displays…

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